Weddings in Bali

Your wedding is one of the most significant moment of your life. Why not make it as memorable and as outstanding as possible? Here in Bali, dreams become reality. If you follow our advice on how to plan your event, you’ll learn that a perfect wedding is not that complicated to organize!

The Date of your wedding:

First things first, set a date for your wedding. At best, choose it 6 months to 1 year beforehand. Think about how you want things to be in advance, you wouldn’t want to skip the organizing stage and end up rushing to get your wedding done, which will probably end as a catastrophe.

The Theme of your wedding:

Next, start thinking about the theme of your wedding. The theme goes hand in hand with the location of your wedding. You can have a theme based on a color (ex: all white), on an idea (ex: nature, sea,…) even on a movie! With a well chosen theme, your wedding will leave a strong impression on your friends and family, it will be unforgettable!

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The location of your wedding:

 Bali is known for it’s variety of different landscapes, you have beaches, mountains, cliffs,… different views that emanate different atmospheres. Since most of Bali are owned by the government, or private properties, you will need to pay an extra fee.

You can also have your wedding directly hereat Oshan Villas. Here, you will be charmed by the magical atmosphere, the sounds of the waves crashing on the nearby cliffs, the view on the sunset, the soft breeze, birds chirping… Everything will contribute to the beauty of your wedding! Plus, your will enjoy all the comfort as your do not need to go out from your villa, our staff will help you out, and you will save an incredible amount of money as we offer you this free service.

There is also the Beach Weddings. You can make a reservation at a hotel that is located close to the beach, (ex: Tugu Hotel), and enjoy a romantic wedding over the sunset. Take a day or two to visit the locations, our staff can help you make a decision.

Chapel weddings are also possible (church weddings), although it is not recommended since you will need to travel to the nearest church, and knowing how disastrous the Balinese traffic is, it is not the most enjoyable option.

Obviously, however you want your wedding to be, you will have our full support. Just tell us what you wish for, we will do our best to make your dreams come true.

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 After Wedding Ceremonies:

 The after wedding ceremonies are never to be neglected, they are just as important!

For the dinner, we can prepare typical Balinese seafood BBQ, self-service buffets,… our cooks can prepare anything! Our staff can serve drinks, and make sure everyone is satisfied.

For the entertainment, we can have music with Dj’s to animate your party, lighting, musicians, Balinese dancers, shows, anything to make your wedding a fun night to remember!

However you want your wedding party to be, remember that we can always help you to organize, our staff will be happy to serve you and make sure you have a pleasurable time with us.

wedding-bali-037 Wedding Bali – Event @ Oshan Villas Wedding Bali – Event @ Oshan Villas Wedding Bali – Event @ Oshan Villas Wedding Bali – Event @ Oshan Villas Wedding Bali – Event @ Oshan Villas

Wedding Bali - Event @ Oshan Villas