Excursions in Bali


There are virtually thousands of places to visit in Bali Island. In order to make it easier for you, here is a selection of our favorites:

Tanah LotTanah Lot

Tanah Lot is home of a pilgrimage temple called: Pura Tanah Lot. It sits on a large offshore rock, making it a popular icon in Bali. We strongly suggest you to attend the sunset at Tanah Lot, for it is an unique view that you will always remember.

Bali - Jimbaran restaurantsJimbaran

Jimbaran is a fishing village renowned for it’s beach where delicious seafood restaurants and luxurious hotels sit. You can select the live seafood you wish to eat and it will immediately be prepared and grilled over a fire of coconut husks. You’ll love having dinner surrounded by the amazing view on the sea, in a joyful and pleasant atmosphere.

Ubud 4Ubud

Ubud is a town placed among typical rice fields, it is one of Bali’s major artistic and cultural towns. Enjoy shopping in small handcraft boutiques and discover the town and the village where you’ll have a taste of the original Balinese life.

Bali - Rice paddiesJatiluwih

Jatiluwih is mostly characterized by smooth undulating rice fields which typify southern Bali. The idyllic landscape and the charms of the Balinese village life as well as the pastoral environment will make you feel like staying here forever.

Bali - Beach in Ulu Watu AreaUluwatu

If you’re a beach lover then you must visit Uluwatu. Secret beaches lay between cliffs, they are the less explored but the most stunning beaches! Contact our staff  or local insiders to see if they have any tips to offer you.


Bicycle Rental CangguBicycle Tours

If you wish to discover Bali on a bicycle, we offer you a variety of unique tours.
You can trek around whole rims of  volcanoes and enjoy a 360° panorama on the alive volcanoes, the craters and the lakes. If you wish to experience easier rides you can also bike around the balinese countryside to get a closer look at the local life.


Balinese rivers are very suitable for rafting. If you enjoy water activities and are not afraid of getting wet, we strongly recommend you to try the white water rafting activities! You’ll enjoy challenging water sports as well as the groundbreaking panorama of the mountains, rice fields, cliffs and waterfalls. You’ll love exploring the beautiful rivers.


Bali is known as the perfect island for surfers; people from all over the world come here to try the huge waves and the amazing beaches. There are a couple of surf schools around if you wish to learn the basics. Our staff can also provide you information concerning good surfing spots.

Horse Riding Canggu 2Horse Riding

Horse riding activities on the beach are also very popular. Enjoy an ultimate riding experience on the back of a horse. We guarantee you it’ll be an unique experience you’ll remember for ever!

Bali-Safari-01Bali Safari and Marine Park

In addition to the ideal elephant rides and shows, Bali offers bus tours outside the park, so you and your family and friends can enjoy a pleasant in-car visit and observe lions, tigers, herds of deers, rhinos, monkeys in their natural habitat. In countries such as Indonesia, India and Africa about 400 species of animals live in their natural environmental planning. There are almost no traces of artificial landscaping! In Asia you can experience jungle Adventures, an unforgettable experience!

Bali-Nusa Lembongan-09Nusa Lembongan Watersport

In Indonesia, especially in Bali, everything is possible due to our excellent commercial relations. You might find it hard to choose what you want to do when you have so many options! So, to help you decide, we’ll give you some ideas: Firstly, we suggest that if you travel to Bali, you must plan a one day trip to the nearby Lembongan Island and enjoy the freedom of a huge variety of water activities such as:

*Banana Boat *Parasailing *Snorkeling *Scuba Diving *Sea Walker *Fly Fish

Bali-Nusa Lembongan-01Bali-Nusa Lembongan-02Bali-Nusa Lembongan-06Bali Nusa Lembongan 04Bali-Nusa Lembongan-05Bali-Nusa Lembongan-07

Bali-Golf-01Bali Golf  experiences

If you are a golf amateur, Bali has four golf courses in different locations, you can arrange a few hours in the morning to experience different characteristics of these four pitches.

Nirvana Golf Club: close to the famous Tanah Lot, the Nirvana Golf Club, with it’s groundbreaking view on the sea, the sound of it’s savage waves crashing on the cliffs will make you motivated and concentrated. It is without any doubt one of the best golf courses in Asia!

Kosaido Golf Club Bali BALI HANDARA KOSAIDO COUNTRY CLUB:Located in  the north-central Baidu of Bali,  you will be surrounded by different lakes and mountains, with  a cool climate of low comfortable temperatures all year round.

Bali Country Club Bali Golf and Country Club:Close to Nusa Dua beach, overlooking the Indian Ocean with a clear view on the offshore islands

New Kuta Golf New Kuta Golf:By the Uluwatu cliffs, you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset over the Indian Ocean. With 18 holes in each location, you’ll find the spot amazingly beautiful and refreshing.

Bali-Fishing-01Bali Fishing Tour

Fishing is an interesting outdoor activitie that can make you relax and feel in  touch with the harmonious natural environment. Enjoy the tranquility and serenity, which people living in cities can rarely experience, you’ll love it! Arrange your holidays with family and friends to experience joy of fishing in Bali.

bali-elephantpark-02Bali Elephant Park

If you travel with kids or elederlies, the Bali Elephant Park is a perfect choice. The park’s in located in a wild natural environment surrounded by forests. The whole family can park in the tropical environment and have close contact with elephants. You can ride on elephants through the forest, hand feed them and take loads of pictures!

The Park also features a rare elephant museum, providing the children with a better understanding of these wonderful animals.There is also the possibility to trek and walk in the forest walkway area, everyone can appreciate a healthy walk and the fresh air of Bali.

You can also choose group activities, interesting especially for your children, who will love riding mini elephants or feed the baby elephants with other children.

Nightlife and Shopping:


Balinese beaches are always more than lively at night, Echo beach and Kuta beach are highly animated places where all the trendy and chic bars and fancy nightclubs are. The Kuta region is the center of Bali’s nightlife. Seminyak is also home to a handful of sophisticated bars, ex: Potato Head beach club, Double Six, De Ja Vu and many others. The entertainment places offer literally everything you would want.

Here you can meet people, have some drinks and enjoy Bali!


In Kuta and Seminyak, you can find traditional markets where shopping is considered as an art. Woodcarvings, stone sculptures, paintings, jewelry, bamboo decorations… anything can be found in Bali!