We can arrange an in-villa spa care. A pamphlet is at your disposal in each room as in the living room. You can ask the butler to book Spa treatments for you.



Balinese Massage (60min / 90min)
Full body massage with traditional techniques. Using natural coconut oil

Sweedish Massage (60min / 90min)
Full body massage with strong techniques. (Deep massage)

Shiatsu/Thaï Massage (60min / 90min)
Oil less full body massage. Improve circulation.

Anti-Cellulite Massage (45 min)
Full body massage to remove fat and cellulite

Hot stones (90 min)
Full body massage with deep relaxing warm stones long the body

Aroma Therapy (60min / 90min)
Full body massage with your choose of warm oil. Reduce stress.

Four Hands Massage (60 min)
Full body massage with traditional techniques.Using two therapists

Foot Massage (60 min)
Foot reflexology with pressure on foot points to relieve pain.

Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage (30 min)

Head massage Massage (30 min)
Relaxing head massage appropriate for headache

Kids & babies (30 min / 45 min)
Traditional full body massage with less pressure.

Marma Ayurvedic (60 min)
Full body massage stimulating vital points. Therapists used hands and feet.

Herbal Ayurvedic (60 min)
Full body massage using warm herbal spice clove oil. Best for body pain relieve.


The Oshan Zen Package (2h)

1h Full Body massage
30min Foot massage
30min cream bath.

The Oshan Beauty Package (2h)

30min Body scrub
1h Full Body massage
30min Body mask.


Wrinkle (70 min)
Efficient to reduce first wrinkles, leave soft skin.

Vitality (45 min)
Treatment depending on your skin type (oily, dry or normal).

Beauty care

Body scrub (30 min)
Using natural scrub (Turmeric, Olive, Lavender)

Body Mask (30 min)
Using natural mask (Seaweed,volcano,milk)

Ear Candle (45 min)
Using a natural way to remove ear wax.

Creambath (45 min)
Hair mask for nourishing treatment.

Nails care

Pedicure (45 min)
Remove dead skin, foot massage and nail polish.

Manicure (45 min)
Hand care and nail polish.

Nail art
Flowers (+15 min) or French (+15 min)

Nail Polish only (20 min)

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